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Please see the list below, it’s not everything but we hope we can answer your enquiry here. If not then send us an email or give us a call...
What are the gate opening times?
Friday 2pm until Midnight, Saturday 8.30am until 10pm, Sunday 8.30am until 3pm.

Do you allow Glass Bottles?
ABSOLUTELY NOT they are a danger to adults and children alike, no one likes to see someone hurt on broken glass, please decanter wine or spirits into plastic and if your drinking lager bring cans.

Are we allowed fires or fire-pits?
NO! This one is a no brainer, there are lots of canvas tents in the camping areas and cars full of petrol, fires and fire pits create sparks. WE DO NOT ALLOW FIRES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GENUINE OFF GROUND BBQ’s ONLY. (The same goes for Chinese Lanterns).

Can we bring our dog?
Of course you can, so long as its kept on a lead at all times and you clean up after it. Absolutely no lions or tigers allowed though. LOL!

Can we reserve a camping plot?

We can only reserve camping for recognised clubs with a minimum of 10 vehicles, if you don’t fall into this category just get the first to arrive to bag you some space. The site is 80 acres though so you should have plenty of room!

Is there first aid and security on site?
Yes we have 24hr Paramedic cover and a full team of professional security, check your event programme for emergency phone numbers or visit the main gate which will be the security base during the evening and through the night.

Can we play music in camping?
All we ask is for people not to take the mickey, music during daylight hours is fine in general camping, we do have a music and noise curfew of 11pm (imposed by the local council laws) at which time we ask for quiet camp, people need their sleep! Please be respectfull of your neighbours right to sleep, this is a family show.

Do you allow BBQ’s?
Yes, but off ground BBQ’s only, no disposable BBQ’s are permitted on site, BBQ’s must be exitguished after cooking food and not used as fire pits or camp fires.

Are there showers on site?
Yes, we have a small block of showers located beyond general camping toward the bottom of the site.

Do you have toilets and chemical waste disposal?
There are toilets located in various placed around the site and also in the main bar. There is a chemical waste drop off point at the toilets located near the entrance gate.

Can we bring a caravan?
Yes, you can sleep in a wig wam too if you like, so long as you are quiet, chilled and leave your campsite tidy we are happy!

Are there any electric hook–ups?
Unfortunately these are not available. You are allowed generators but they are not to run after 11pm

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